Making dreams a reality is the defining motto for P&A Scholars Beauty School. Positioned in Detroit, Michigan P&A Scholars is one of the few privately owned and nationally certified NACCAS accredited schools in the city. P&A Scholars Beauty School provides high standards and quality services giving its students the capability to acquire the skills needed to become a successful  cosmetologist and clients the unique opportunity to experience premium services at affordable prices.

P&A Scholars Beauty School has been at the forefront of education in the Michigan area for over 20 years. Originally recognized as Preston and Anna’s Beauty School in the 1980s, founders Preston Jackson Sr. and his wife Anna Jackson sought out to open a beauty school that offered students education and career opportunities. Preston Sr. and Anna took this vision one step further by opening the first ever beauty school in Togo West Africa teaching the women of Togo, Ghana and Congo the skills needed to become a beautician. By exporting their knowledge to West Africa and returning to Detroit with the same focus, Preston and Anna’s Beauty School began to expand.

Twenty years later, Preston and Anna’s Beauty School was reopened under the name P&A Scholars Beauty School. With the combined efforts of Preston Sr. and Anna and the careful expertise and direction of their children and current President and Vice President Lakia Hairston and Preston Jackson Jr., P&A Scholars Beauty School has become a vision of success. Lakia and Preston Jr., sought out to reopen and re brand the beauty school providing that students, faculty and the community experience advanced education, professionalism and charitable outreach. Today, P&A Scholars Beauty School continues to help students reach their full potential in the field of cosmetology by developing professionalism and enhancing successful life skills.

As a nationally certified NACCAS accredited school, P&A Scholars provides high standards for the quality of education setting the school apart from its competitors. The staff members and instructors on the P&A Scholars Beauty School team are carefully selected based upon their credentials including certifications, skills, personalities and dedication. The P&A Scholars team members are all individually trained at the highest level through P&A’s unique training program. Once the program is complete, instructors help mentor and guide students through the journey of cosmetology growth and excellence.

Students at P&A Scholars are referred to as ‘scholars’ because they participate in courses focusing on everything from advanced hands-on training to techniques geared towards developing the ultimate certified cosmetology professional. Scholars are provided with computer programs that help enhance training and studying skills. The software coordinates with daily lesson plans, enhancing the applied learning experience. P&A Scholars also prides itself on providing continued advanced education for the team and graduates. Current students and graduates have the opportunity to participate in monthly seminars and graduate forums that help build networking skills; allowing graduates and scholars to bond while sharing ideas and participating in hands-on workshops.

Unfortunately, from time to time, beauty schools have had the stigma of providing inexpensive,low quality services. The staff and owners at P&A Scholars have worked hard developing a training regimen, curriculum and service menu that avoids the harsh stereotype. P&A Scholars operates a full service clinic open to the public. Clients range from all different age groups, varying from high school teenagers to business professionals within the city and surrounding communities. At P&A Scholars, clients have the opportunity to indulge in style while receiving the latest procedures. Services are performed by elite supervised senior students with the highest level of training in cosmetology courses such as hairstyling, nail care, and skin care. Located in Detroit, Michigan, this unique and specialized beauty school has the space and diversity for its beauty makeovers, Parties by P&A Scholars, customized consultations and unique hairstyling. Clients can book appointments to receive treatments such as hair weaving, hair braiding, deep conditioning, chemical relaxers, haircolor services and hair straightening. Other popular services include spa treatments such as the Get-A-Way Pedicure Treatment and the P&A Scholars $100 Make-Over Special. For $100, clients receive a haircut, hair weave, manicure, pedicure, facial and makeup application. P&A Scholars Beauty School uses Create by Marianne, and Dudley products.

There are multiple ways to receive a memorable experience at P&A Scholars Beauty School. From education to clinic services, P&A Scholars offers excellence in education and professional beauty treatments. The clinic offers its scholars practical hands-on training with real clients rather than practice mannequins. Scholars practice advanced techniques such as pressing, weaving and bonding. Knowing how to creatively work with diverse hair textures gives the scholars at P&A Scholars Beauty School an edge in the competitive beauty industry.

P&A Scholars Beauty School has proudly received local and national print media exposure. As one of the few privately owned accredited beauty school in the city of Detroit, P&A Scholars is also actively involved in the community and charitable organizations such as the annual homeless event. Since 2008, over 350 local homeless women per year are invited to enjoy beautifying hair and nail treatments free of charge. Other charitable events include a complimentary professional image classes for unemployed community members. The Jackson’s state, “Here at P&A Scholars Beauty School, we have created a generational business with the quality and credentials to continue on from generation to generation. We take pride in seeing our scholars succeed and we will always strive to expand our business.” You too can make your dream a reality; it’s time to visit P&A Scholars Beauty School!